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Fashion Police

Dear Groomsmom,
My future daughter-in-law just told me that she wants me to wear blue for the wedding. Her mother is going to wear pink. I have never liked myself in blue and really don’t want to wear it on this important day. How do I tell her?
Gloria in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Dear Gloria,
This is an easy one - you don’t say anything at all except how thrilled you’ll be to go shopping for a new blue dress! Putting this in perspective... more

Welcome to the wonderful world of being the groom’s mom!

This is one of the most important roles of your life, but also one of the least understood. You - today’s groom’s mom - are smart, capable, energetic, resourceful, and accustomed to being an important part of your son’s life. You are ready to be helpful and involved.

The journey of being your son’s proud groom’s mom can and should be wonderful and meaningful. Groomsmom is dedicated to giving you all the resources you need to be the perfect Mother of the Groom.


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